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Date: 07-11-13

Chemical imaging company has won "WSJ start-up of the year"

The camera to detect poisonous gases is made by a Rice University startup company Rebellion Photonics. Rebellion Photonics has won WSJ start-up of the year competition. The founders of this company have developed real-time camera for chemical imaging and detection.

Rebellion Photonic’s camera can monitor oil rigs and refineries for spotting poisonous and potentially explosive gas leaks. This camera can detect at least 20 different gases simultaneously. They can be used in application areas such as defense, biological research, food contamination detection, quality control and forensics.

Allison Lami Sawyer, who earned an MBA, and Robert Kester, who earned a Ph.D. in bioengineering, who are the founders of Rebellion Photonic met in their final year at Rice through one of their original mentors, Thomas Kraft, director of technology ventures development at the Rice Alliance. Rice University is pairing graduate students from the George R. Brown School of Engineering with MBA students from the Jones Graduate School of Business to form a start-up team.

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