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Date: 31-10-13

The hidden treasure inside Google Glass

To explain in simple and easy way, Google Glass is a smart phone fixed with image projector, where the projector displays images directly on to the retina of the eye of the user by using a reflector. So there is no display panel.
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Except the one who wear it nobody can see the image, and it is very difficult to re-record the displayed/projected image using another camera. Even somebody succeed in re-recording by knocking down the reflector unit from the projector, the quality of recording going to be very poor, due to small size of image and also lesser light intensity. This protection against creating the copy of the displayed image is the real strength of the Google Glass. This is an excellent technology against video piracy. Movie makers and the cinema industry may find this technology very helpful. Imagine movies exclusively made for Google Glass, so that the buyer /viewer cannot copy and distribute the video by re-recording/copying. Compared to any other technology, wearable video monitoring technologies such as Google Glass is highly viable and practical. With the internet, 4G and cloud computing, the content can be streamed to wearable smart device without the content getting stored in the device.

Not only for moviemakers, even for TV channels and other digital media broadcasters/content providers, Google Glass may become a channel with a different type of revenue channel without depending on the advertisement revenue and directly charging the user for content usage.

Since Google Glass is also fitted with video camera it is easy for its wearer to record video/audio of the scene in front of him/her more easily than other means of recording, which is already a privacy/security concern. The user also gets distracted while watching video and doing some other important activity. In US, road safety authorities are fining the car driver for wearing Google Glass while driving.

It is the digital technology which has made video piracy an easy job and the now this even more advanced digital electronics technology is also working in preventing piracy.

To know little more on how the Google Glass operates visit the website:

To learn the hardware/electronics design part of this wearable display gadget read the teardown analysis at: http://www.catwig.com/google-glass-teardown/

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