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Date: 29-10-13

Linaro joins OCP as a member to contribute to the LAVA LMP

Linaro, Linux OS tool supporter for ARM processor based embedded systems has joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) as an official member to contribute to the LAVA LMP (Linaro Multi-purpose probe) to the foundation

Open Compute Project (OCP) is launched by Facebook in 2011for designing energy efficient server for data centers.

Linaro said its intention in joining OCP is to bring together the hardware and software discussion and help accelerate the release of more efficient server solutions. It will also contribute the specifications of the LAVA Multi-purpose Probe (LMP) to be made available through OCP. LMP boards extend the testing options for hardware incorporated into the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) test framework, which is available as an open source project.

“We’re excited to welcome Linaro into the Open Compute Project,” said Cole Crawford, executive director of the Open Compute Foundation. “The organization’s commitment to developing core open source software in a collaborative and transparent environment matches our own mission of openly sharing ideas and specifications to accelerate innovation in pursuit of the most efficient data center infrastructure.”

“We’ve been working closely with OCP since the founding of the Linaro Enterprise Group and the synergies between hardware and software in this space are very exciting,” said George Grey, Linaro CEO. “We’re very happy to be formally joining OCP and bringing the benefits of LAVA and LMP to a broader audience.”

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