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Date: 29-10-13

ZTE achieves real-time Terabit optical transmission

China based communication equipment maker ZTE achieved real-time terabit optical transmission in collaboration with China Telecom Corporation Ltd. Beijing Research Institute.

By using terabit Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) real-time transmission system based on ZTE’s ZXONE 8700 platform data was transmitted over a distance of 3,200 kilometers on G.652 optical fiber without Raman amplification that was error-free for 24 hours. ZTE claims this is a world record.

Both these companies have used advanced Nyquist WDM Terabit PM-QPSK optical modulation and optical coherent detection technologies, in addition to ultra-high-speed signal processing and soft-decision forward error correction algorithms, achieving spectral efficiency of 4bit/Hz/s.

ZTE to take this achievement further in offering high-speed backhaul equipments to its customers faster than its competitors. ZTE said it has successfully deployed more than 50 100G trial and commercial networks globally.

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