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Date: 23-10-13

CEA gives electronics waste management award to SAMSUNG

The fast technology obsolescence is causing dumping of lot of consumer electronics devices, computers and mobile phones, even if they are in working condition. 7-8 years old PC is now useless to handle much of the today's computing needs. Though there are restrictions now in using of hazardous materials in electronics, Disposing of electronics systems without recycling is still not fully environmentally safe . Recycling is the best option. Samsung has done some good job here, it has received the inaugural eCycling Leadership Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today for leading recycling efforts in the electronics industry.

Samsung said it collected and responsibly recycled more than 92.5 million pounds of e-waste in 2012 and more than 300 million pounds of e-waste since its Samsung Recycling Direct program began in 2008.

The award was presented by CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro during a ceremony at the association’s 2013 Annual Member Meeting held in Los Angeles this week.

“Samsung has been at the forefront of the electronics recycling effort in our eCycling Leadership Initiative and exemplifies our industry’s commitment to responsible environmental stewardship,” said Walter Alcorn, CEA’s vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability. “We want to make recycling electronics as easy as purchasing electronics. And through the efforts of leaders like Samsung, and CEA’s efforts to promote eCycling directly to consumers via our GreenerGadgets.org resource, we have made great progress toward that goal.”

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