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Date: 18-10-13

Silicon IP reuse standard OCP-IP is now part of Accellera

Accellera has now become a single entity for some of the standards related to silicon IP design reuse in SoC VLSI design. Accellera has acquired assets of the Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP). OCP-IP has developed standards for silicon IP core interfaces/sockets for plug and play kind of SoC VLSI chip design. Accellera acquired the OCP 3.0 standard and supporting infrastructure which simplifies reuse of semiconductor IP blocks in complex SoCs. The acquisition is aimed at making the both standards interoperate and come under single ownership.

Accellera and OCP-IP have earlier worked closely on SystemC for transaction-level modeling and IP-XACT. Accellera said it will continue to deploy the OCP 3.0 standard and other Accellera standards for the benefit of its members and the electronics industry.

"Our acquisition of OCP assets benefits the worldwide electronic design community by leveraging our technical strengths in developing and delivering standards," said Shishpal Rawat, Accellera Chair. "With its broad and diverse member base, OCP-IP will complement Accellera's current portfolio and uniquely position us to further develop standards for the system-level design needs of the electronics industry."

"The high acceptance by members and the smooth process of technology transfer is a good indication of the positive momentum and future we can expect for OCP. The industry now has a comprehensive forum to define and develop IP standards," said Ian Mackintosh, Chair of OCP-IP. "I am confident we will continue to benefit from this acquisition for years to come."

Accellera said "Through the mergers and acquisitions of the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), Virtual Sockets Interface Alliance (VSIA), The SPIRIT Consortium, and now assets of OCP-IP, Accellera is the leading standards organization that develops language-based standards used by system, semiconductor, IP and EDA companies."

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