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Date: 12-10-13

Event summary of European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference

The 19th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference at Grenoble’s World Trade Center in September drew more than 450 attendees from around the world, which was one the biggest crowds in Europe for the event in recent years.

EMPC 2013, which also set a record of 60 exhibitors for the European event, featured 104 papers and 14 posters. Topics included 3D/TSV, embedded packaging, MEMS and sensors packaging, modeling, and test & design, as well as interconnections, materials, reliability and assembly manufacturing.

Keynotes included:
“The advent of interposers: new era for packaging and coming challenges,” by Yann
Lamy, CEA-Leti program manager - 3D sector. Lamy described two distinct
approaches to interposers – “More Wires” and “More than Wires” – that are radically
changing development of electronic devices.
“Semiconductor Packaging Trends for Digital Applications,” by Michel Garnier, ST Microelectronics Grenoble. Garnier discussed packaging properties and optimized designs, size reduction, thermo-mechanical performances, integration, speed, consumption with a preview of which technologies will dominate in the future.
· “Assembly and Packaging Technologies for Future System Integration,” by Bernd Römer, Infineon Technologies, Regensburg, Germany. This presentation included a discussion of the bricks needed for 3D SiP solutions, including embedded wafer level ball grid array (eWLB) technology.

“EMPC is Europe’s major electronics packaging, interconnection and integration conference, and the very high turn out this year demonstrates strong interest in these
vital technologies, both in Europe and globally,” said Gilles Poupon, technical director of the event and program manager in advanced packaging at CEA-Leti, one of the leading global institutes in 3D and packaging.

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