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Date: 10-10-13

USPTO confirmed the validity of a AirTight's patent

AirTight has announced that United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has confirmed the validity of AirTight's U.S. Patent No. 7,339,914 (the "'914 patent") on October 04, 2013, in a second patent re-examination challenge by AirTight's competitor Aerohive networks.

After AirTight Networks had filed patent infringement suit against Aerohive Networks for infringing AirTight's 7,339,914 patent, Aerohive Networks had claimed the AirTight patent No. 7,339,914 was invalid and has requested USPTO to re-examine and validate.

Patent No. 7,339,914 is titled as "Automated sniffer apparatus and method for monitoring computer systems for unauthorized access". The inventor names listed are Pravin Bhagwat , Shantanu Gogate, and David King C.

AirTight said it expects to resume the infringement proceedings against Aerohive in the District Court.

Both AirTight and Aerohive are making advanced WiFi products such as WiFi based cloud solutions.

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