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Date: 20-09-13

Microsemi licenses security IP from cryptography research

Microsemi has licensed Security IP from Cryptography Research of Rambus to build tamper-resistant semiconductor chips for certain government applications, making chips significantly more difficult to emulate, clone or reverse engineer, otherwise making the counterfeits of chips very difficult.

“Microsemi is delighted to bring another new security offering to the government market,” said Charlie Leader, vice president at Microsemi. “The tamper resistance and cryptographic security technologies that CRI has designed into these licensed design tools and products will enable Microsemi to deliver products that further protect our government customers’ critical systems from serious threats.”

“Security threats—such as duplication, data and intellectual property theft or loss—continue to pose problems across multiple industries, including the semiconductor space,” said Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist at CRI. “Microsemi has a strong reputation in creating secure applications for the government market, and we are pleased to continue our collective work with the company to provide hardened and robust secure solutions.”

Microsemi’s security portfolio includes FPGAs, SoCs, cryptography solutions, encrypted solid state drives, intellectual property and firmware.

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