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Date: 17-09-13

ARM Cortex MCU embedded developers can now get certified by ARM

Microcontroller-based embedded system developers can now get their ARM processor skills accredited by ARM. ARM's Accredited Engineer (AAE) program focuses on software aspects of ARMv6 and ARMv7 Cortex-M architecture profiles and is aimed primarily at embedded Microcontroller Unit software engineers who are familiar with the ARM Cortex-M processor series and want to demonstrate their knowledge of ARM microcontroller chips.

ARM says individuals now can validate their skills and differentiate themselves and gives employers a reliable benchmark that helps in recruiting new embedded system engineers with ARM Cortex knowledge.

The new AAME accreditation complements the existing AAE accreditation (focused on Cortex-A and Cortex-R technology). The combination of AAME and AAE can equip electronics engineers with right mix of skills.

ARM says companies that place a strong emphasis on quality (especially those with ISO Certifications) may also wish to use the AAME accreditation as part of their formal learning and development process for engineers working on ARM MCU technology.

AAME accreditation is launched on 16th Sept 2013 and full details (including the official syllabus and learning resources) are available on the AAE website (www.arm.com/aae). ARM is also planning to add additional resources in the coming months.

ARM is working with universities around the world to support learning on ARM Cortex-M based MCU devices. Please see www.arm.com/university to find out more.

The AAE program is a global program administered by ARM’s delivery partner, Prometric, who operate a network of 10,000 test centers in over 160 countries around the world. Candidates will be able to attend any of Prometric’s Authorized Testing Centers in order to take their tests. Exam registration/scheduling for this accreditation will go live on the Prometric website (www.prometric.com/arm) on the launch date, so candidates will be able to start scheduling their tests immediately.

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