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Date: 14-09-13

Plastic electronics event in Europe to focus on manufacturability

Easy to manufacture plastic electronics is now focusing more on commercialising the technology, and the manufacturability of plastic electronics systems and devices. At the 9th Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference in Dresden, industry experts are delivering speeches and presentations on recent advances in organic semiconductor and plastic electronics technology.

The market is still not big, but is a growth potential market. As per the forecast by market researcher Yole Développement, the market for printed and flexible electronics to remain a modest ~$176 million this year, but will see 27 percent CAGR to ~$950 million by 2020, driven largely by printed layers integrated into large OLED displays.
The presenters and speakers at the ninth plastic electronics exhibition and conference includes:
1. Richard Friend, professor at Cambridge University, to share overview on how recent scientific advances in organic semiconductor technology are impacting future technologies (Tuesday, October 8, 13:30).

2. Plastic Logic COO Konrad Herre is going to talk on the creation of exciting new concepts which sometimes lead to new technologies. He will discuss a “very rare journey”…the transformation of a “raw idea” through actual first “proof of concept” and then real commercialization, as it relates to the development of organic electronics. (Wednesday, October 9 at 10:00).

3. Dr. Dietrich Bertram, manager of Philips Lighting's OLED Global Business Unit to present overview of Philips' OLED activities and the current industry situation (Wednesday, October 9, 11:30). .

Further plenary sessions cover the “Path to the Next-Generation Display Technology” (Ching Tang, Rochester University), “Heterogeneous Integration Tools for Smart Integrated Systems for Healthcare” (Salvatore Coffa, STMicroelectronics) and many more.

The Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference 2013 is hosted by the SEMI Plastic Electronics Special Interest Group (PE-SIG).

For more information, visit www.plastic-electronics.org.

Correction: The presenter from Plastic Logic is changed, Konrad Herre replaces Indro Mukerjee .

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