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Date: 29-08-13

Renesas licenses Tensilica ConnX D2 DSP for IoT app

Renesas Electronics has licensed the Tensilica ConnX D2 DSP (digital signal processor) for a next-generation chip designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Tensilica ConnX D2 DSP with the special acceleration packages is optimized for IoT wired and wireless modem standards.

ConnX D2 is an efficient 2-MAC (multiply-accumulate) 16-bit fixed point DSP that has been customized with specific acceleration packages that enable algorithm-specific optimizations for key communications computations such as Viterbi (convolutional) decoding or Reed Solomon encoding/decoding. The ConnX D2 DSP engine is also suitable for mixed-signal and other Internet and signal processing connectivity applications. It is fully programmable in C.

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