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Date: 21-08-13

MIFARE4Mobile is gaining popularity

The MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group has said its newly released MIFARE4Mobile V2 specifications is signed by 150 different companies in the Near Field Communication (NFC) ecosystem for use in their systems.

MIFARE DESFire used to have secured access to public transport systems; university and college campuses; soccer stadia; and for access management and micropayments, which use contactless smart cards. The new specs allows smart card users to use their mobile phone for secured communication with the public systems.

MIFARE4Mobile now supports the roll-out of mobile services on NFC enabled devices with MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Classic on a global scale by means of:
Support for multiple Trusted Service Managers
Support for multiple MIFARE applications on the same secure element
Compliance with GlobalPlatform 2.2.1 and Amd C
End-to-end security between service provider and MIFARE application
Virtualization of physical contactless cards, fully interoperable within existing infrastructure

“Smartphones are already an essential part of our daily life - the winning combination of NFC and MIFARE allows us to bring this mobile lifestyle to the next level, in an even more convenient and secure way,” said Christian Lackner, chairman of the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group. “The most recent specification of the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group and the vast MIFARE infrastructure will surely drive the global adoption of MIFARE applications in NFC devices.”

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