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  Date: 21/08/2013

INSIDE Secure licensed TrustedShow DRM technology from Trustonic

INSIDE Secure has licensed TrustedShow digital rights management (DRM) technology from Trustonic, and incorporated it into its DRM Fusion Agent solution for embedded development. With the TrustedShow technology, INSIDE says its embedded DRM Fusion client software now offers full ARM TrustZone support, providing device manufacturers the quickest and most cost-effective way to implement commercially proven, hardware-assisted content protection within trusted execution environments (TEEs).

“Trustonic is the trusted foundation of choice for all smart connected devices, providing technology to enrich, simplify and expand people’s digital lives by securing valued services on these devices,” said Olivier Leger, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Trustonic. “Through licensing TrustedShow to INSIDE Secure, Trustonic is able to advance its mission by maintaining an open trusted platform for the entire TEE application developer ecosystem.”

INSIDE says its embedded DRM Fusion Agent client software provides platform vendors with a robust DRM solution they can easily integrate and maintain to enable premium content to be delivered securely to virtually any mobile phone, tablet, set-top box, connected TV or home media system.

“Consumers are demanding easy and convenient access to the latest movies and TV shows, wherever they are. With the integration of TrustedShow technology, INSIDE is making it even easier for device manufacturers to meet that demand,” said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, executive vice president for embedded security solutions at INSIDE Secure. “INSIDE’s DRM lineup now gives chip makers and application developers the hardware-assisted and downloadable DRM solutions they need to provide the proven protections that content owners and providers require for OTT, VoD, Live TV with Catch-Up and other services.”

DRM is used as a security component in delivering digital content on smart phones and tablets. DRM protects copyrighted media such as movies, TV shows, concert videos and other copyrighted media in accordance with content owners’ licensing terms. Security solutions such as this helps manufacturers to have a hardware-assisted security to achieve higher levels of trust in user’s devices, opening the door to even more high-value mobile applications in banking, enterprise security and other areas, according to Inside Secure.

INSIDE’s DRM Fusion Agent solution supports all of the most important DRM standards, including the Microsoft PlayReady, Windows Media DRM, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and DECE UltraViolet standards. DRM Fusion Agent is validated with all commercially deployed DRM servers to enable playback on multiple screens using HDMI, HDCP 2.0 / Miracast or DTCP-IP / DLNA connections.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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