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Date: 20-08-13

Spansion Files Patent Complaints Against Macronix

Spansion said it has filed complaints against Macronix to address past and ongoing widespread violations of Spansion's patents in a broad and growing range of Macronix NOR Flash and XtraROM memory products. Spansion filed the complaints with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Federal District Court in Northern California.

The six patents asserted relate to the manufacturing and structure of flash memory chips and to the security of memory cells.

Flash memory is a critical part of billions of dollars worth of consumer electronics such as cartridges for gaming devices, digital cameras, networking equipment, set-top-boxes, and notebook and tablet computers. Spansion has invested billions of dollars in research and development and holds more than 4,000 Flash memory patents and patent applications. The patents in the suits represent only a small portion of Spansion's IP portfolio.

Spansion's ITC complaint seeks to exclude infringing Macronix Flash memory devices and all downstream products from the US market. While Macronix is the subject of these litigations, Spansion also named some manufacturers of downstream products containing Macronix infringing devices in its ITC complaint, consistent with current ITC procedures.

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