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Date: 31-07-13

Group in EU and Japan leveraging cloud and IoT for smart city admin

The cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging as powerful technologies and going to influence the way we live in a big way. If we combine these two technologies, the result going to be fantastic. Here is an announcement by France based nanotechnology researcher CEA Leti, where a group of European and Japanese companies, research institutes, universities and cities are working together in combining cloud and Internet of Things tech-power in managing cities smarter.

The name given for this project is ClouT, means cloud of things. These group of members to develop infrastructure, services, tools and applications for municipalities and their various stakeholders including citizens, service developers and application integrators to create, deploy and manage user centric applications by leveraging cloud computing and IoT.

IoT connect everything around us to the Internet which includes sensors, devices, computers, home appliances, and any such objects. The user can put the information from Internet of things into the cloud and can be accessed anywhere . This research also allows end-users in cities to create their own cloud services and shared with other citizens.

The benefits can be enhancing public transportation, increased citizen participation, where they can photograph and record situations of interest to city administrators to ensure the safety of city, its like a every device fitted with camera becomes a CCTV. The monitoring and emergency management can be done easily using these kind of systems.

CEA Leti says by combining EU and Japanese resources, the three-year, nearly 4 million-euro project is designed to create an on-going synergy for smart-city initiatives between Europe and Japan.

In addition to CEA Leti and the four cities, ClouT participants include:

Europe: University of Cantabria in Spain, Engineering (Italy) and ST Microelectronics

Japan: NTT East (coordinator), NTT R&D, Keio University, Panasonic and the National Institute of Informatics

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