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Date: 23-07-13

SEMI: Quarterly solar PV equipment billing drop by 41% in Q12013

As per the latest report by SEMI, the worldwide billing of solar PV manufacturing equipment declined to $291 million in Q1 2013, it's a fall of 41% compared to the previous quarter, and a drop of 50% compared to the same quarter an year ago.

In 2012 and 2013 the solar PV industry is undergoing major change. In fact industry is not doing well, there's too much of supply, and the supply is not of good quality. There are reports some of the installed solar panels lasting less than five years instead of 25-30 years, the blame is on low cost manufacturing in China. The solar PV technology still undergoing major improvements both in low-cost manufacturing as well as improvement in efficiencies.

The new manufacturing technologies demand a different type of equipment which is still not installed for mass manufacturing. For the investors solar PV is becoming a high-risk environment. Amid all this negativity, the market is expected to bounce back with a good growth in 2014 and after.

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