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Date: 10-07-13

TI India 2013 update: Changes top executives, uniti.in closed

Texas Instruments (TI) India has shuffled its top executives in this week. Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, President and Managing Director of Texas Instruments India is shifted to U.S. by giving the responsibility to lead TI's Industrial Systems biz, where he is appointed as Worldwide Director for TI’s Industrial Systems.

Mr. Santhosh Kumar is now appointed as the new Managing Director for TI’s operations in India. He is relocating back to India from U.S., where he was responsible for leading TI’s C6000 video and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) product teams.

TI is now fully attending to the emerging trends in industrial electronics segment, which is about to enter into a new era of connected machines and equipments. The technology developed for industrial can be applied to automotive with less tweaks in the design. Good thing for TI is, both automotive and industrial electronics (including solar power and traditional power electronics) are forecasted to take-off in a big way in the coming years (2- 4 year max), the most probable next wave after PC era, Internet era and Mobile era. Since the opportunities here are known to many other industrial electronics chip companies, the competition is going to be very hot.

At present, TI performance is some-what dull compared to its glittery performance in past 20 years. TI India team had played a key role in the success of the whole company. TI India which had given the max boost during the good performance times of TI, is now having some not-so-good times. There was a news of staff-cut of close to 500 at the end of 2012. The India-specific electronics engineering students dedicated site uniti.in is not operating as stand-alone site, the content is moved to www.e2e.ti.com or the message "Sorry! We couldn't find your page" comes up.

The lessons for big companies like TI is to use different talent-strategies for different market patterns. The design talent requirements of high-demand less-supply market are different from high-demand and high-supply market. Even the staff who have worked for one pattern may not be suitable for another pattern, unless you change the mind-set. Design engineers who are used to design products for high-demand less-supply market are hesitant or less interested to design products for the crowded market. Local products better designed by local talent but not that local who used to design high-end products for developed world.

TI India

Pic above: Highly sophisticated TI Development Center in India

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