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Date: 22-05-13

Imec and GLOBALFOUNDRIES collaborate in developing STT-MRAM

Imec and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have expanded joint development efforts to advance STT-MRAM (spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory) technology. STT-MRAM replaces both SRAM and DRAM, offering performance below 1nanosecond (ns) and scalability beyond 10 nanometers (nm) for embedded and standalone applications. "We are elated to intensify our collaboration with GLOBALFOUNDRIES and the other program members on advanced memory technologies—a true testament to the value we offer our industrial partners," stated Luc Van den hove, president and CEO at imec. "Our unique research environment harnesses the collective expertise and knowledge of the entire value chain, bringing together foundries, IDMs, fabless and fablite companies, packaging and assembly companies, and equipment and material suppliers to drive innovation and the development of new, competitive products." "Innovation in next-generation memory is required to give chip designers new options to continue to deliver leading-edge products with higher performance, lower power-consumption, and better bandwidth," said GLOBALFOUNDRIES chief technology officer Gregg Bartlett. "This new partnership with imec will enable close collaboration with customers, partners, and the supplier community to help reduce the risk in bringing this new memory technology to market."

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