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Date: 23-04-13

ST's Orly SoC powering smart IPTV STB from NTT Plala

STMicroelectronics has revealed that its Orly system-on-chip (SoC) is powering a new generation of advanced set-top boxes announced on April 17 from NTT Plala Inc.. This STB has been developed by Sumitomo Electric Networks.

ST said its Orly was selected as the high-end SoC best fit for Sumitomo’s global set-top box middleware platform based on Linux, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HTML5.

“By offering new smart IPTV STBs, we enhance user interface operability and deliver triple-tuner functionality,” said Katsumi Nagata, Board Director, Executive Director, Technology and Engineering Division, NTT Plala Inc. “By supporting Japan’s first cloud game called ‘Hikari TV Game’ and various applications called ‘Hikari TV Apps’, we are offering more convenient smart TV services that perfectly fit the lifestyle of our customers.”

“We are very proud to introduce our new generation of set-top boxes offering smart features for IPTV services and high performance for seamless end-user experiences,” said Hiroaki Nishimoto, Director & Co-CTO, Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc. “The new generation of our StreamCruiser SmartTV common STB platform middleware allows our customers to choose the SoC that is best suited for the strategic positioning and expected use-case of the STB, since our solution is independent of the architecture of the SoC while providing the APIs to allow Android, native Linux and HTML5 applications the secure access to the hardware engines and optimized usage of the multi-core.”

ST’s Laurent Remont, Digital Convergence Group Vice President and Unified Platform Division General Manager, added, “We are delighted that NTT Plala and Sumitomo have chosen to work with ST, resulting in successful delivery of advanced set-top boxes capable of delivering seamless high-quality viewing and innovative services to multiple connected devices throughout the home.”

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