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Date: 30-04-13

Dongbu HiTek begun mass production of ALPS ICs for Clairpixel

Dongbu HiTek said it has begun volume production of Ambient Light Proximity Sensor (ALPS) chips for Clairpixel. Clairpixel is specialized in single-chip image and motion sensor solutions for mobile, automotive, medical and security applications. Dongbu says Clairpixel’s advanced ALPS chip is expected to target the growing Chinese smart phone market.

“Clairpixel’s ALPS chip highlights the system-on-chip attributes of our specialized 0.18um mixed-signal process,” said Jae Song, Dongbu HiTek EVP of marketing. “We look forward to expanding our collaboration before year end to add a color sensor function to this highly integrated chip design.” He credited the rapidly rising adoption rate of ALPS chips to their ability to extend battery life by optimizing screen brightness against ambient light. “With the addition of a color sensor, ALPS will also be able to automatically optimize color on large mobile screens while conserving battery power.”

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