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Date: 04-04-13

JEDEC publishes new test standard on UFS

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has published new test standard related to its Universal Flash Storage (UFS) standard. The new JESD224 Universal Flash Storage (Test) is available for free download from the JEDEC website: http://www.jedec.org/standards-documents/results/jesd224.

UFS is a high performance interface for the next generation of mass storage devices to be used in mobile systems such as smart phones and tablets. Its high speed serial interface and optimized protocol enable dramatic improvements in throughput and system performance. JESD224 defines standard test cases and procedures for measuring the behavior of UFS devices and comparing that with the requirements of the UFS specification (JESD220A). Standardizing these procedures is important in assuring interoperability between device and host vendors.

The Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA), an industry trade association promoting the market adoption of UFS technology, will incorporate the new test procedures described in the JESD224 document into the UFSA Compliance Test Specification for UFS product compliance certification.

“The publication of JESD224 is indicative of the support that the memory manufacturers, leading consumer device and mobile OEMs have for UFS, and their close collaboration within JEDEC towards broad and rapid adoption of UFS,” noted Mian Quddus, Chairman of the JEDEC Board of Directors and the JC-64 Committee for Embedded Memory Storage and Removable Memory Cards. “Providing this essential test support for device manufacturers is a critical aspect of that effort.”

“The UFSA has worked closely with JEDEC on UFS technology adoption and product compliance,” said Perry Keller, Chairman of the UFSA Compliance Committee. “The UFS protocol test procedures defined in JESD224 provides a strong technical foundation for the UFS product compliance certification program being created at the UFSA.”

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