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Date: 26-03-13

Algotochip to support SoC designers in using Tensilica DPU IPs

Algotochip has gained close access to design data of DPU IPs from Tensilica in helping its customers design SoC faster with less design effort. Tensilica said Algotochip now has access to Tensilica’s technology.

“The digital solution we provide are unique to the individual customer and completely owned by that customer,” said Didier Boivin, Algotochip’s vice president of marketing. “Once we receive the C-code and test-vectors to verify it, Algotochip does all the work involved in creating a complete digital solution including all the necessary software and firmware for the Tensilica DPUs. The customer doesn’t have to learn any new tools and can focus on the product specification and algorithms – realizing the digital solution through our relationship.”

Tensilica release states: Algotochip’s patented approach can speed hardware and software design for SOCs (systems on chip) in as little as eight weeks. Algotochip guarantees that its SOC meets all the performance specifications made by the customers, and insures that it will be right the first time.

“We are delighted to add Algotochip to our design center partner program,” stated Chris Jones, Tensilica’s director of product marketing. “They have extensive expertise in many areas of chip design and can help customers get their chips to market much faster.”

Algotochip offers complete SoC GDSII from Algorithms written in behavioral C-code in weeks versus years with conventional design approach.

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