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Date: 06-03-13

Weather forecasting device from Netatmo powered by ST's chips

The stylishly unique Weather Station from Netatmo uses an ST pressure sensor, 2 STM32 microcontrollers, and an ST MEMS microphone to monitor environmental conditions, including temperature, air pressure, and also ambient noise levels.

“Working with ST as our supplier of both microcontrollers and sensors has allowed us to control the design with precision, focus on style and elegance and deliver to our customers a truly useful and elegant Weather Station,” said Fred Potter, CEO, Netatmo. “The outstanding features of their MEMS and Micros make them a winning combination and our weather station not only accurate but a fun and easy way to monitor environment conditions for indoor and outdoor activities.”

“With ST’s strong market leadership and technology in both sensors and 32-bit microcontrollers, it makes sense to insure compatibility and simplify the design by using the same supplier for both,” said Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group, STMicroelectronics. “From sensors to secure communications, from power management to display driving and projection, ST solutions are enabling wave after wave of innovation in the wireless world that is changing the lives of people everywhere.”

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