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Date: 06-03-13

GainSpan selects IAR to develop software for its wireless SoC

IAR Systems has announced that GainSpan has selected to work exclusively with tools from IAR Systems to develop its new GS2000 Wi-Fi and ZigBee solution. IAR says GainSpan has chosen to work with IAR Systems because of its strong position in the ARM Cortex-M market.

GS2000 IC from GainSpan is a single-chip solution bringing together two IEEE low-power standard wireless technologies: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and 802.15.4. Device and appliance manufacturers can use the GS2000 to develop a design that supports either ZigBee Internet Protocol (IP) and/or Wi-Fi, with IPv4 or IPv6, all in the same product. Application areas range from personal healthcare and fitness and smart energy applications to segments such as metering and high-quality video and audio applications used in consumer and home automation products.

GainSpan is using IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM. The tool suite features the IAR C/C++ Compiler and comprehensive C-SPY Debugger.

“To create products that truly deliver on the vision of the Internet of Things, we have chosen to work with IAR Systems,” said Bernard Aboussouan, Vice President of Marketing, GainSpan. “We selected IAR Embedded Workbench for its powerful optimizations and consistently high quality. IAR Systems’ strong position in the ARM Cortex-M market and excellent technical support were also key factors in our decision. We are very excited to now be able to announce the GS2000 solution that will help accelerate the development and market adoption of connected devices and sensors.”

“We are very glad to be selected by GainSpan, as it confirms the importance of IAR Systems’ role not only in the microcontroller market but also for complete SoC solutions,” said Stefan Skarin, CEO of IAR Systems. “Our global coverage with outstanding technical support combined with the ability to support also large organizations with our enterprise licensing makes IAR Systems a strong partner for GainSpan customers worldwide.”

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