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Date: 03-03-13

NFC demos by NXP at MWC 2013

NXP Semiconductors has demonstrated some of the applications using NFC technology at MWC 2013. The demos includes

NFC-enabled smartphones to be used for ticketing applications.

NFC-Shopping, where shoppers simply tap the price tag to access information about the goods, add them to a shopping cart or submit orders for home delivery. NFC-Shopping includes NFC P2P transfer to checkout, and can work in places with no 3G or Wi-Fi access.

Saturn's is the two-factor authentication solution based on the unique combination of state of the art encryption of data and securing the data with Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF) technology in the device. At MWC Intrinsic and NXP showed Saturnus running on PUF implemented in NXP’s SmartMX2 chips that serve as embedded secure elements in mobile phones and tablets.

An NXP technology demonstrator of a smart wireless charging pad, which uses NFC to trigger “wake up,” thereby achieving true zero power consumption in standby mode.

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