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Date: 03-03-13

Toshiba to start pilot microelectronic vehicle project in Miyako Island

Toshiba Corporation has concluded an agreement on the consideration of a pilot program of micro electric vehicles and power supply equipment for Miyakojima City.

This pilot program, intended to further promote Miyakojima City's eco-island strategy by collecting information on the installation, utilization and operational management of microelectronic vehicles and power equipment as a new transportation tool for the island, will be carried out in collaboration with Miyakojima City and Honda R&D Co.,Ltd..

Under this agreement, the three parties will consider and make decisions on the following in connection with the pilot projects
Collecting information on Miyakojima's transportation system and lifestyle
Install, utilize and manage operation of the micro e-vehicles used in the project and collect related information
Install, utilize and manage operation of power supply equipment and collect related information

Toshiba's role in the project is to install batter-based power supply stations, to study the practicality and ideal configuration of charging infrastructure, and to bring the results of the project to further technology development. The pilot project plans to allow people to use Honda microelectronic vehicles running on Toshiba's lithium ion battery, the SCiB, for short trips.

Through this pilot project, Toshiba will further accelerate leading-edge collaborative development of e-vehicle transportation system infrastructure and power systems, and further contribute to the realization of a low carbon society.

Source: Toshiba

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