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Date: 03-03-13

IIT Roorkee annual event Cognizance-13 focus on inclusion

With a theme of “AIM INCLUSION”, the IIT Roorkee annual event "Cognizance 2013" going to be held on Mar 22nd to Mar 24 focuses on holistic development of society.

With legions of guest lectures, workshops, exhibitions and events centered on technological innovations, economic development and social issues, Cognizance '13 promises to offer an ideal stage for ideas to materialize into this world of transcendental growth and development.

Cognizance’13 is organizing the following theme events:
Equistrata: Equality is the most quintessential truth that one should never disagree with. Aiming the inclusion of a number of socially deprived issues, a roster of events would be geared towards responding to that cause.
I-Genesis: Hope for a sustainable future can be gauged by the way a nation handles its resources. The stage is set to invite solutions which are feasible in nature and both practical and reliable which should result in a safe future for all the citizens.
Bottom Line: This event aims to bring out methods to improvise on the existing systems of law and order and society to ensure that progress of India is at a comparable pace with the rest of the world.
Economix: Handling money the right way is an art. Cognizance aims to pick out the financial whiz kids who can face the challenges of India's finance with élan.

Cognizance includes,
Center-stage events, like Robosapiens- the robotics extravaganza which comprises of splendid events such as Armageddon, Robotron and Power Drift; Chaos- The Biggest Gaming Event of the country; Quizzotica- A confluence of the best quizzers and quizmasters of India.
Online Events, such as Blogomania-an event which aims to pit the top bloggers of the nation against one another; a platform to showcase one’s eloquence, wit and humor to impress the masses on topics covering social, cultural, political issues. Cognistreet- the virtual stock market game which was the biggest hit of Cognizance 2013 having participants from across the world; Insomnia- The ultimate coding challenge that is spread across a period of 2 months. Apart from being a great hit among computer geeks and passionate coders, it renders over 5000 programmers from across the globe; Illushun- The online puzzle solving contest that draws participation from across the globe, testing the aptitude and attitude of contestants.

Check all this at http://www.cognizance.org.in

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