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Date: 03-03-13

Education market to boost netbook sales, as per ABI

ABI Research projects nearly fifteen million computing devices to be shipped into the education market in 2013. ABI finds netbooks are not on road to end, ABI Research projects nearly six million netbooks to be shipped into the global education market this year.

“Netbooks opened the door for education institutes and other organizations to purchase suitable computing hardware at a very reasonable price while also offering numerous advantages to young children. Firstly, developing the necessary skills to operate a computer which is literally imperative in today’s world. Furthermore, subjects and modules can be tailored to the learner’s knowledge, understanding, and instant feedback can be provided to the learner,” says senior analyst Josh Flood. “Although the education sector is now, and going to be, one of the netbook’s main markets, we are also seeing media tablet/hybrid tablets beginning to emerge and surpass netbooks. Ultimately, the netbook’s market share in education will diminish and media tablets will become the dominant computing device.

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