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Date: 03-03-13

Cosmic sells its Semiconductor IP biz to Cadence

Are you running a successful small to mid-sized semiconductor IP solutions for long years, then you are on the companies-to-acquire list of big EDA companies such as Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor Graphics. These companies are the masters in acquiring innovative businesses in IP and EDA domain. Not only these companies, even the other Billion$ range semiconductor companies going to keep an eye on pure IP companies. So if you are building IP biz keeping in mind that someday you are ready to sell the whole biz, your thinking is as per the industry trend. That too for an India based company, the chances are more. But make sure your IP business is profitable every year. Why are we telling this? Read the news below.

Cadence has announced an agreement to acquire IP business of Cosmic Circuits. Cosmic has highly successful portfolio of analog and mixed signal IPs The money involved is not made public. This strengthening move by Cadence and other similar previous acquisitions by Cadence scale up its IP business to compete with Synopsys in this segment.

Now Cosmic is left with IC and Systems business which is going to be spun off into a separate new company.

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