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Date: 03-03-13

Panasonic's new solar PV factory in Malaysia starts shipping

Panasonic has started rolling out HIT solar modules from its new solar production base in Kedah, Malaysia, which started operation on December 13, 2012 to meet the growing demand in Japan and around the world.

The Malaysian facility produces wafers to solar PV cells and modules. Panasonic says this plant strengthen cost competitiveness through reduction of transportation costs and use of local parts and materials.

To date, Panasonic has produced HIT solar cells at its two domestic plants and has three module assembly bases - two in Japan and one in Hungary - with an annual production capacity of 600 MW each of cells and modules. The new production base in Malaysia adds a yearly production capacity of 300 MW, increasing Panasonic's overall module production capacity by 50% to 900 MW.

In addition to offering solar modules discretely, Panasonic will step up efforts to provide integrated solar solutions combining solar modules with power conditioners, storage batteries and other components to meet the wide-ranging needs of customers.

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