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Date: 03-03-13

Tech Source partner with Cambridge Pixel to develop video apps for Mil-Aero market

Tech Source, Inc., (www.techsource.com) has partnered with Cambridge Pixel (www.cambridgepixel.com) to speed the development of video applications for systems integrators in the embedded military and aerospace market.

Selwyn L. Henriques, president and CEO of Tech Source Inc., said: “We needed COTS software support as a front end for our new Condor VC100x video capture and compression card to make it quick and simple for customers requiring H.264 video streaming, recording and video windowing to get their applications up and running. The combination of our low power VC 100x H.264 XMC card and Cambridge Pixel’s SPx AV software library provides a compelling solution for systems integrators developing mission critical video streaming applications.”

Cambridge Pixel has worked with Tech Source to optimize its SPx AV software components on the VC 100x card. For example, the video capture and compression card is now supported as an input device in the SPx AV software library. As a result, developers can access a flexible library of software routines and a C++ application programming interface (API) for building a full range of distribution and display solutions using the VC 100x, with capabilities including network streaming, display composting, record/replay and metadata support.

David Johnson, managing director, Cambridge Pixel, said: “We are delighted to be working with Tech Source and see increasing demand for audio and video in embedded military and aerospace markets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and in other mission critical video streaming and surveillance applications. Our SPx AV software also supports decompression of H.264 video using graphics processors (GPUs) allowing very cost effective sensor distribution and display, with multiple layers of graphics and video being displayed in real-time using standard PC CPU and GPU hardware.”

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