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Date: 03-03-13

Latest Smart Phone market analysis: Apple, Samsung, and the billions and the millions

In the Smart Phone market, Apple growth has fallen from hyper to normal, Samsung' present hyper growth has peaked in Q4 2012, China based ZTE and Huawei and India's Micromax have launched new models which may slow the growth of Apple and Samsung.

ABI research has reported nearly 196 million smartphones and 451 million handsets were shipped during Q4 2012. ABI finds 2012 annual totals to 653 million smartphone and 1.6 billion handset shipments, representing a 36% and 2% YoY growth rate respectively. Smartphones accounted for 43% of all handset shipments in Q4, which pushed smartphones to 41% of all shipments in 2012, as per ABI.

ABI findings includes:
In 2012 Samsung grew its handset shipments by 21.6% and its smartphone shipments by 123.8%. Apple grew its smartphone shipment share to 24.5%, up from 16.4% in Q3. Apple shipped 47.8 million iPhones in Q4 bringing its 2012 annual total to 135.8 million. Apple’s 2012 annual shipment growth declined from 96% in 2011 to 46% in 2012.

The other smart phone vendors whose figures not so close to these top are Huawei, Sony, ZTE, and Nokia. Nokia shipped 86.3 million handsets and 6.6 million smartphones in Q4 while RIM’s shipments of smartphones declined to 6.9 million. ZTE had an excellent Q4 with 20.7 million handset shipments and 11.2 million smartphone shipments, as per ABI.

Billion and Millions figures of Apple:
Shipment of smart phones: 135 Million in 2012 with growth of 46%, shipped 47.8 million iPhones in Q42012 (37 Million units during same period last year).
Shipment of other gadgets: 22.9 Million iPad, 4.1 million units for the Mac, and 12.7 million iPods
Sales Revenue for Q42012: $54.5 Billion
Highlight: China is the fastest growing region for Apple with 6.8 Billion revenue in Q42012 from Greater China.

Billion and Millions figures of Samsung:
Shipment: 213 Million smart phones shipped worldwide, 63.7 million smart phones shipped in Q42012 (36 million a same period last year), 15 Million Galaxy SIII and 7 million Galaxy Note II
Sale revenue of mobile devices: Revenues of approx $25.35 billion in Q4 2012 quarter.
Outlook for 2013: consumer to buy fewer smartphones in 2013 and Samsung foresees intense competition.

At the moment Samsung steal the show in all aspects. Even in semiconductor buying Samsung has over taken Apple and is ranked 2nd as supplier of same, very rare distinction in tech industry. Apple, which get its chips fabricated from Samsung fab now moving over to world's number one foundry TSMC.

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