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  Date: 24/01/2013

TrendForce: Top 10 LCD monitor brands shipment decline in 2012

According to global shipment survey by WitsView, the research division of TrendForce, the global top 10 LCD monitor brand vendorsí 2012 shipments amounted to 128.7 million units, dropping 8% YoY. Most brand vendors showed poor shipment performance in H1í12, but the overall shipment ratio in the first and second halves of the year is nearly 50:50, indicating the demand didnít surge on the traditional peak season in the second half. In view of individual monthly performance, top 10 brandsí shipment reached 9.55 million units in Decí12 with a MoM shipment decline expanding to 14.5% from the 10.7% drop in the same period of the previous year. SI makersí total shipment amounted to 11.66 million units, slightly growing 0.3% MoM, and was comparable with the shipment in the same period of the previous year.

WitsViewís research assistant manager Anita Wang indicates that, the LCD monitor brand vendorsí shipments declined 14.5% in December, due to the three main factors: 1. Most brand vendors had boosted shipments in October and November, and the timing for traditional Q4 procurement has passed in December; 2. No following demand would support with the coming of slow season; 3. Brands saw inventory control as priority. LCD monitor SI makersí shipments were supported by certain brand clientsí last year-end shipment sprint, leading to most SI makersí shipment growth in December, however, the overall shipment grew 0.3% slightly as the shipment from some Korean makerís in-house assembly plant dropped significantly.

The overall LCD monitor brand vendorsí shipment for entire 2012 was 154.4 million units, declining 7.3% YoY, dropped for consecutive two years, among which, top 10 brands showed first decline in recent years. WitsView projects that the 2013 monitor shipment will be 148 million units with a possibility to revise down, dropping 3%-6% YoY. It indicates 2013 is a year full of difficulties and challenges, with macro economy staying stagnant, consumer spending squeezed and changes of usersí habits on IT products, the overall demand for LCD monitor continues to weaken. To maintain the output value, brands will continue to expand proportion of large-sized products and launch new size products to gain more profits.

Figure-1 2009-2013 LCD Monitor top 10 brandsí and worldwide shipments
LCD monitors

Source: WitsView,Jan.-13, unit:M-unit

Source :TrendForce
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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