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Date: 03-03-13

Synopsys Contributes PyCell Technology to the IPL Alliance

Synopsys said it has contributed the specification and definition of Python PCell (PyCell) API technology to the Interoperable PDK Libraries (IPL) Alliance to help in creating Interoperable Process Design Kit (iPDK) standard. iPDK standards is aimed at reducing the dependency on a single vendor's proprietary language.

The specification and definition of the PyCell API to be available immediately to current IPL members, and the IPL Alliance PCell Working Group will guide future enhancements of the PyCell API.

The IPL Alliance is an industry standards organization established to develop an interoperable ecosystem for custom design by creating and promoting interoperable PDK standards. There are currently more than 30 EDA and semiconductor company members. For more information visit http://www.IPLnow.com. The person to contact is Jingwen Yuan, IPL Alliance, at jingwen@iplnow.com.

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