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Date: 03-03-13

NXP shipped 100 million automotive radio tuner ICs

NXP Semiconductors said it has reached the milestone of shipping 100 million units of its TEF66xx automotive radio tuner family. 30 million of these units have been bought by leading car radio manufacturer JVC KENWOOD Corporation ("JVCKENWOOD"), the very first customer to start mass production with this product.

In recognition of JVCKENWOOD’s commitment to the TEF66xx tuner family, NXP has awarded the company a special Customer Award, presented at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

The TEF66xx family – which includes the TEF660x, TEF661x and TEF662x series – is an analog low-IF AM/FM single tuner with optional integrated RDS support.

“Having worked with NXP to define our expectations for a single tuner solution, we have become one of the most fervent supporters of the TEF66xx series – it is a high-performance product with excellent radio reception,” said Mr. Masato Kyoya, senior specialist, Car Electronics Business Group, JVCKENWOOD. “We very much appreciate the great engineering support of NXP. We are pleased to have been a loyal customer since our first purchase – and with our contribution of 30 million radios with NXP later, our relationship is still going strong!”

“We are proud to know that millions of people worldwide use our tuners daily in their cars and love the great reception quality,” said Torsten Lehmann, senior vice president and general manager of the car entertainment business, NXP Semiconductors. “Our leading position in the overall car radio market, and in particular with this IC family, emphasises our expertise in the area of highly integrated state-of-the-art RF tuners. The TEF66xx family is a great solution for customers looking for a high-performance, easy-to-apply product in a price-sensitive market.”

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