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Date: 03-03-13

Calxeda support for OCP common slot specs

Calxeda has announced support for the Open Compute Project’s newly released common slot architecture specification. Calxeda also demonstrated , Project Knockout, its ARM server motherboard design contribution to the Open Compute Project’s Open Vault storage solution. Calxeda has partnered with Avnet Embedded in the Americas in developing ARM-based server solution.

“We are honored to have the Open Compute Project single out our contribution to Open Vault today at OCS,” said Karl Freund, VP Marketing, Calxeda. “Project Knockout injects more compute in customers’ storage tier, putting efficient processing close to the data. We are also excited about our collaboration with Avnet, which is producing some amazing rack-level solutions, optimized for performance and TCO, and exploiting the Calxeda Energycore Fabric, the only on-die fabric switch on the market.”

“Partners like Calxeda are critical to bringing creative new design options to the Open Compute Project community and we applaud their technical contributions to the project,” Frankovsky said. “Not only is Calxeda an important supporter of OCP’s new common slot specification, but today they are also showing their unique Project Knockout board, which is ready to be evaluated by the OCP community.”

Project Knockout is Calxeda’s ARM-based server motherboard design for the Open Vault storage platform. By installing the Project Knockout board into Open Vault, end users can eliminate the need for a separate server to control the disks in Open Vault.

Calxeda and Avnet are working jointly to deliver ARM-based contributions to the Open Compute Project that will leverage Avnet’s data center technologies. The co-developed solutions are expected to be available to the OCP community Fall 2013.

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