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  Date: 17/12/2012

Most viewed VLSI design verification papers by Aldec

Aldec has provided its most-viewed Verification White Papers. Below are the details of the papers.

1. SystemVerilog Interface: SystemVerilog Interfaces offer some very interesting features for both hardware designers and verification engineers. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most misunderstood SV constructs. This document tries to explain interfaces, paying special attention to the virtual interface concept used in popular UVM library. Download paper at http://www.aldec.com/downloads/private/338

2. Debugging SCE-MI Co-Emulation: Learn about Aldec’s debugging environment for SCE-MI co-emulation that provides 100% signal visibility of the design running in an FPGA-based emulator. Download paper at http://www.aldec.com/downloads/private/97

3. Randomization and Functional Coverage in VHDL: Modern digital designs reach the scale of complete systems and require support of Constrained Random Test and Functional Coverage in verification. Although VHDL does not have built-in, direct support for those methodologies, there are solutions that allow their quick implementation in your testbench. Download paper at http://www.aldec.com/downloads/private/112

4. DO-254 - Increasing Verification Coverage by Test: Verification coverage by test is essential to satisfying the objectives of DO-254. However, verification of requirements by test during final board testing is challenging and time-consuming. This white paper explains the reasons behind these challenges, and provides recommendations how to overcome them. The recommendations center around Aldec’s unique device testing methodology that can significantly increase verification coverage by test. Download paper at http://www.aldec.com/downloads/private/332

Clarifying Language Methodology Confusion: Addresses the challenges of changing languages, methodologies and tools, that are faced when working with large, modern FPGA designs. Download paper at http://www.aldec.com/downloads/private/95
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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