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Date: 06-11-12

Hardware enforced security based on the ARM TrustZone secure arch

Elliptic Technologies has partnered with Trusted Logic Mobility to create a content protection technology provided through the tight integration of tVault HDCP 2.1 with the Trusted Foundations security solution on Android tablets from a world leading manufacturer. The solution leverages hardware enforced security based on the ARM TrustZone secure hardware architecture, trusted execution environments (TEE) and targets applications such as HD Video-on-Demand, Over-The-Top and IPTV.

“Video-on-demand is huge and growing fast,” said Olivier Leger, General Manager of Trusted Logic Mobility. “Elliptic’s solution, which incorporates our top-notch security, provides the secure solution that propels device manufacturers to the forefront of this lucrative market.”

Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies, commented: “I am very pleased with our close collaboration with an industry leader such as Trusted Logic Mobility. Their established secure software together with Elliptic’s advanced tVault HDCP technology have created a complete and highly efficient TEE-based content protection solution that enables a great viewing experience while keeping the premium content very secure.”

Both companies have solutions compliant with GlobalPlatform specifications and endorse standards-based security based on TEE environments as the primary route for mass deployment of applications and services across all connected devices.


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