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Date: 06-09-12

Toshiba's SCiB battery used in Suzuki's Wagon R for regenerative braking

Toshiba has announced that its innovative SCiB rechargeable battery is used in new regenerative braking system called ENE-CHARGE introduced in the Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray, the latest versions of Suzuki Motor Corporation's "kei car" compact vehicles.

The SCiB features fast charging high energy density and wide operating temperature and long operating life. Toshiba's SCiB adopts Lithium titanate oxide in the battery anode for fast charging and a long battery life. In extremely cold conditions the SCiB is less likely to experience lithium metal deposition, which increases the risk of internal short circuiting and battery degradation. The 3Ah SCiB battery for the Wagon R series, offers high power with a compact cell size; as much as 6,000W/liter at 25 degrees Celsius and 1,400W/liter at -10 degrees Celsius. Toshiba says the SCiB and the lead battery can be harmonized in the same system without any need for a voltage transformer, reducing the parts count and cost.

Toshiba said it has already supplied 20Ah SCiB batteries for three electric vehicles. Toshiba also promoting use of the SCiB in other areas, including stationary power storage device and to control frequency fluctuation in smart grids.

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