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Date: 13-07-12

KPIT and Sankalp Semiconductor innovate in pooling resources

Used with the chip development and embedded software innovation, IT and R&D services expert KPIT Cummins and VLSI design services vendor Sankalp Semiconductor, try out a new business innovation by forming a new business entity called Sankalp & KPIT Semiconductor Pvt. Limited. The new business pools the chip development talent from KPIT and Sankalp under single company, which works as a subsidiary of Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. KPIT Cummins will take a strategic minority stake in the parent Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.

KPIT has commendable expertise in automotive electronics design services and embedded software, where as Sankalp is a VLSI and electronics hardware expert. Sankalp claims it's strong in analog and mixed signal semiconductor design. The new company also gains better knowledge of services business from KPIT.

The new entity boasts of its better ranking among the VLSI R&D design services companies after this innovative merging. The new company to focus on automotive, consumer electronics, and computing & communications industries.

VivekPawar, CEO, Sankalp Semiconductor said to this writer, Sankalp is already a lot into 28nm designs and is leveraging embedded software and automotive electronics expertise of KPIT in offering better services. He also said, Sankalp has built its own IPs in analog and interface domain. When this writer asked him about company's plans to serve the growing Indian semiconductor market, he said the combined business is in better position to serve the local opportunities.

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