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  Date: 12/07/2012

LCD monitor market going down in 2012, as per WitsView

WitsView division of TrendForce finds global top 10 LCD monitor brandsí shipments amounted to 10.67 million units with MoM growth of 4.9% and YoY regression of 0.4% in May-12, while SIsí (System Integrator) shipments reached 10.99 million units, decreasing by 1.2% MoM and 10.7% YoY respectively.

WitsView explains: Despite the fact that the demand for LCD monitor remained flat in May-12, brand vendorsí overall shipments posted an uptrend mostly as downstream vendors had shrunk their procurement momentum and focused on inventory digestion in Apr-12, causing the demand to gradually pick up in May-12 with a lower base period in Apr-12. In addition to the stagnant end-market demand, May is the beginning of a traditional offseason, of when Samsung was the only SI who replenished their retailersí inventory ahead in May-12 while the remaining brand vendors stayed conservative toward inventory preparation. As a result, SI shipments declined slightly MoM. Looking ahead to LCD monitor shipments in June-12, although most of the vendorsí shipments are expected to grow along with the upcoming traditional peak season, the total LCD monitor SI and brandsí shipments in Jun-12 are estimated to be on par with shipments in May-12 as end-market demand remains lukewarm while some of the vendors had shipped products to their channels in advance.

Anita Wang, TrendForceí analyst, notes that the end marketís demand for monitor has been continuously revised down from 163.5 million units as forecasted in early 2012 to 158.6 million units with YoY regression of 4.8%. In spite of a mild price increase in LCD monitor owning to shrinking supply, brand vendors remain their conservative attitude towards the demand in 3Q12. Coupled with strict inventory control due to a half-year financial report closing in late Jun-12, few brand vendors who had piled up aggressively turned to be active in digesting their additional panel inventories to state their inventory preparationsí coming to an end. As brand vendorsí shipments in 1H12 failed to meet the market expectations, the top 10 LCD monitor brands shipments dropped by 7% YoY. Even though the shipments in 2H12 are projected to increase along with the peak season for traditional PC sales, the demand momentum may be unlikely to offset the shipment regression in 1H12.

lcd monitor

Figure-1: May-12 ~ Aug-12 Top 10 Brands and SIsí Shipment Forecast
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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