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Date: 12-07-12

Taiwan's LED vendor ranking update

LED research division of TrendForce has reported the June revenues of Taiwanese listed LED manufacturers totaled NT$8.8 billion (MoM+1.12%, YoY-5.6%) and the LED industry’s 2Q12 revenue reached NT$25.82 billion (QoQ+22.7%). The next half 2012 is predicted dim..

LED demand in LCD backlighting in TV, notebook or mobile phone is not increasing, the outlook for 3Q12 is predicted as dull.

TrendForce finds:
1. Epistar’s revenue went up 4.3% to NT$ 1.73 billion in June, while Huga Opto’s revenue amounted to NT$210 million and the utilization rate increased to 70% in June due to the orders the company received from Korean companies. FOREPI and CMLT’s revenues remained flat due to the demand from Asus’ new tablet PC. As for package makers, the revenues of Taiwanese listed LED package makers in June hit NT$4.97 billion (MoM+2.3%, YoY-0.5%). The mass production of Lite-On’s lighting components carries out smoothly, not to mention the strong demand from brand vendors. Lite-On’s revenue slightly rose in June, reaching NT$ 1.09 billion.

2. Lextar’s lighting application business accounted for 40% of its revenue in June; aside from cashing in certain global brand vendors’ orders, Lextar’s efforts put in China also begin to take effect and bring in orders. Moreover, Lextar’s Suzhou plant’s lighting assembly lines were certified by the clients and reached scale of economy, which triggered Lextar’s lighting business and market share to grow in 1H12. Furthermore, the new model that Unity Opto Technology jointly developed with its client has gone into mass production. Also, the company’s backlight orders increased considerably, which were from Taiwanese TV and tablet PC OEMs and Chinese TV brand vendors. As a result, Unity Opto Technology’s revenue soared by 19.9% in June to NT$ 700 million. However, Taiwanese LED companies noted that the peak season is on the doorstep, but no prominent growth momentum is in sight. Coupled with the weak consumer confidence, the outlook for the LED market remains conservative.


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