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  Date:10th June 2012

QNX Software exhibits a new reference vehicle integrating Facebook

QNX Software Systems Limited has demonstrated on how tomorrow's vehicles can become an online extension of their owners, allowing them to stay connected (hands-free) with their social-media communities while on the road.

The Jeep Wrangler Sahara, QNX's new reference vehicle, is outfitted with an infotainment system based on the upcoming QNX CAR 2 application platform. This system can post Facebook updates that list the title and artist of the song that the system is currently playing. Car occupants use simple voice commands to control the infotainment system posting these updates.

"It's time that car infotainment becomes 'social by design', but for that to happen, app developers and automotive manufacturers need tools to integrate social media easily, and in a way that's appropriate to the driving experience," said Andy Gryc, automotive product marketing manager, QNX Software Systems. "We are planning to offer an automotive social media framework that will simplify this task for our customers and partners, and this demo is but an example of the many use cases that such a framework will enable."

QNX Software Systems has created the reference vehicle to showcase the capabilities of the company's QNX CAR 2 application platform. This platform is a pre-integrated software stack designed to reduce the time and effort of creating highly sophisticated and personalizeable in-car infotainment systems. The platform has won a Best of CES 2012 award and is now being evaluated by select automakers and tier one automotive suppliers.

1. An auto-centric HTML5 framework for leveraging the mobile ecosystem
2. One-touch Bluetooth pairing with smartphones using NFC
3. Ultra HD hands-free communication and natural language voice recognition
4. Advanced personalization options for drivers, OEMs, and developers
5. Integration with a variety of smartphones
6. DLNA support for phone and home -based media
7. Tablet-based rear-seat entertainment
8. A reconfigurable digital instrument cluster
9. Integrates a variety of partner technologies for hybrid navigation, natural speech recognition,     streaming Internet radio, integrated weather reporting, parking search, Twitter access, FOTA     (Firmware Over-The-Air) software updates, and integrated Bluetooth profiles.

QNX Software Systems has licensed its software technology for use in in-vehicle systems worldwide, including digital instrument clusters, hands-free systems, multimedia head units, connectivity modules, and 3D navigation systems.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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