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Date: 08-01-12

Broadcom to display MOCA 2.0 integrated chips at CES

Broadcom Corporation is showcasing MoCA 2.0-Integrated six new set-top box (STB) and Hybrid IP Gateway system on a chip (SoC) platforms at CES 2012.

Advantages of MoCA 2.0:
MoCA 2.0 provides more than double the throughput performance and capacity compared to MoCA 1.1; critical power management capabilities for new low power requirements; and enhanced security for additional content protection.
MoCA 2.0 supports an improved packet error rate, enabling higher quality of service levels for operators.
MoCA 2.0 enables the effective use of higher numbers of tuner/demods being integrated into next generation STB and gateway devices.
MoCA 2.0 provides complete interoperability with MoCA 1.0 and 1.1 while also providing full performance with MoCA 2.0 nodes.

Broadcom's 40nm MoCA 2.0-integrated STB and Gateway platforms feature dual-thread Zephyr (MIPS-based) CPU that delivers 3000 DMIPS . Designs include the following:
BCM7429 Multi-Room HD-DVR STB SoC
BCM7428 IP HD STB Client SoC
BCM7425 Dual HD/Dual Transcoding Hybrid Gateway STB SoC
BCM7422 Dual HD Hybrid Gateway STB SoC
BCM3325 Hybrid IP Transcoding Gateway SoC
BCM3322 Hybrid IP Gateway SoC

Dan Marotta, EVP & GM, Broadband Communications Group, Broadcom said "With broad operator support and integrated MoCA 2.0 solutions, we are at the heart of powering secure multi-screen connected TV experiences everywhere."

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