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Date: 26-12-11

T&M expert Aeroflex opens sales and support office in India

Aeroflex Limited has opened a new office in Bangalore, India to support sales, service, and application support for Aeroflex's test and measurement (T&M) products and systems. Stephen Hire has been appointed as the new General Manager for India, the company also announced.

"Aeroflex has been active in the Indian T&M market for over 50 years. Opening a new office in Bangalore will help us achieve a strategic regional goal of strengthening our presence and response time in India," said Stephen Hire, General Manager, Aeroflex India.

"Important new opportunities in India have been created by the awarding of the TD-LTE broadband wireless access licenses, the increasing presence of major R&D facilities, and the warming of defense ties between the United States and India. Aeroflex is a very strong player in these markets, making it the perfect time to increase our footprint in India. "One of the first activities of the office will be launching the new additions to the Aeroflex S-Series signal generator product line," said Hire.

Aeroflex is adding two new S-Series digital RF signal generators to its product line-the SGD in 3 GHz and 6 GHz models-as well as and two new vector signal analyzers-the SVA, available in 6 GHz and 13 GHz models. The S-Series was first introduced a year ago with the launch of the SGA analog RF signal generators.

According to the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), there are two live TD-LTE networks and more than 20 licenses or trials going on around the world. "With India's first commercial launches expected in 2012 and no dates set for China's LTE license awards, India may well become home to the world's largest number of TD-LTE subscribers during 2012. We expect Aeroflex's LTE products to aid India's network launches," said Hire.

Aeroflex LTE leadership began with the delivery of test systems in 2007. It continues today with a complete range of end-to-end test systems that cover R&D, performance, service, and manufacturing test applications for LTE TDD and FDD network equipment and terminals, stated in the release.

Aeroflex says the TM500 Test Mobile family is in use with almost every base station manufacturer across the world, and can be regarded as the de facto standard for eNodeB development and testing.

The new Aeroflex office offers sales, service, and application support for the company's entire range of T&M products and systems. The office is located at 602, Sixth Floor, Raheja Paramount, Residency Road, Bangalore, India 560025. Telephone: +91-80-41154501.

Aeroflex Limited has also announced a major expansion to the S-Series family of innovative benchtop RF measurement instruments. Aeroflex is adding two new S-Series digital signal generators-the SGD in both 3 GHz and 6 GHz models-and is also launching two new vector signal analyzers-the SVA, available in a 6 GHz and a 13 GHz model. The S-Series uses Aeroflex's market-leading PXI technology.

"With these latest additions, the S-Series has matured into a truly integrated benchtop measurement system, with the facility to link different instruments both electronically and mechanically using Aerolock," said Hiren Joshi, product manager, Aeroflex Test Systems. "Using the instruments together with the embedded software tools gives the user the capability to accurately generate and analyze complex wideband modulated signals to test systems and components for a wide range of applications, including mobile communications, defense, and aerospace. The SGD and SVA support generic modulation and demodulation capabilities respectively, which also makes them ideal for general purpose RF test applications."


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