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  Date:24th Oct 2011

Cadence collaborates with partners in offering complete EDA software chain

This year's CDN live event from Cadence again focused on its EDA 360 offerings where the SoC design is considered by taking into consideration all aspects of the end-product design and the application software running in the product; otherwise the complete eco in which the product works. Its similar to the way Apple has designed its latest products iPhone and iPad. Apple has designed the SoC chip, the OS Software and some of the application software as well the all ingredients of product design. So that Apple owns the IP of the chip, product as well as software. When it comes to making the product it can work with n number of EMS and semiconductor fab companies in the world to get it manufactured. This trend is taking the electronic industry to a new level of thinking. This makes various EDA software design tools highly interdependent with high level of integration. Cadence is offering its own software wherever it has strengths and is collaborating with other software vendors to fills the gaps in product design software chain ensuring interoperability and faster design. Cadence calls its system realization design offerings as open, connected and scalable.

Charlie Huang, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations of Cadence was telling the attendees how comprehensive EDA software aids in faster and easy design.
Though the global economy is weak he feels electronics industry can deliver highly innovative products to increase the sales. The key area of growth as per him are cloud computing, green technology, low power design, and Video.

He said Cadence is offering industry's first DDR4 solution, which includes controller, soft and hard PHY, drivers, verfication IP (VIP).

He also shared that leading foundries including Samsung and TSMC have designed 20nm test chip by collaborating with Cadence. ARM and Cadence are collaborating on GHz implementation of Cortex-A15.

Another speaker at the CDN Live Srini Rajam, CEO, Ittiam Systems talked on 'Designing Systems to Thrive in Disruptive Trends'. He shared the key factors for design project success, which include scope definition, realistic targets, good estimation and right resources. According to him SoC, software and system design should work in synergetic mode. He suggests to design a modular system exceeding the requirements, so that scaling down is easier than scaling up. Ittiam is an IP partner of Cadence.

On the revenue front both through organic and inorganic growth, the annual revenue of Cadence is expected to exceed 1.1 billion in 2011. Cadence has acquired Azuro and Altos in 2011. The soon to be announced Q3 2011 revenues of cadence is estimated in the range of 280 to 290 million US$.

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