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  Date:24th Oct 2011

India is a fast growing market for engineering design software

Engineering product and system design in India is emerging so fast, it can be estimated India is on the way to become a one of the world's top three center in product design. Bangalore city has the lion share in this market.

There are two types of designs happening in India:
1. One is design service for leading MNCs, where India design centers in the form India based outsourcers or the local offices of MNCs have displayed enormous growth since economic liberalization.

2. The other is India based product design companies which are fast-emerging to address the fast growing local domestic market for electronic product as well as many other engineering products for multiple applications.

The inevitable part of product & system design is engineering design software tools. Without which it is nearly impossible to design complex product faster. The software tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, ANSYS, Autocad, Autodesk, ADAMS, Solidworks, MathCAD proE, Zemax, COMSOL, Mathe Matica, Rhinoceras 3D, LabVIEW are some of the popular brands for general engineering design. These tools can enable better design for even for simple products such as pens to complex systems such as satellites.

To design a product to withstand multi-dimensioning parameters, ordinary paper drawings design is obsolete. Finite element analysis & such latest mechanical design engineering analysis can easily be done using powerful software tools. The virtual product can be visualized & tested in hours to days (depending on the complexity) on computers, saving time and money. Much of these tools have drag and drop type graphic user interface to simplify the design process.

Bangalore is witnessing galore of events by system design software companies. National Instruments, ANSYS, MathWorks and cadence have concluded their annual events in Bangalore in this month of October 2011.

Jeff Kodosky, the founder of the popular software LabVIEW had come to the National Instruments annual event NI Days 2011. He is impressed and motivated by the design skills of young Indian engineers. He said to attendees, in the next 25 years LabVIEW will define and deliver on the vision of graphical system design to speed the design prototyping and deployment of all kinds of measurement and control system. LabVIEW is widely used in Electronic system design. LabVIEW is highly useful in custom electronic design using FPGAs.

MathWorks, the vendor of MATLAB and Simulink tool has also concluded its annual event in Bangalore held on 20th Oct 2011. The event was attended by 600 design Engineers from various branches of engineering. The keynote speaker Vivek Tyagi, country manager of Freescale Semiconductor India had said MathWork's Simulink and embedded coder are used by Freescale's customers for model-based design.

Electronic design tool vendor Cadence had it's annual event focused on system design, -where the virtual model will help to do the software design before the physical product is ready.

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