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Date: 08-07-11

Accelicon to support TMI and BSIM-CMG Model

Accelicon Technologies Inc and PDK solutions have announced support of the TSMC Modeling Interface (TMI) and Berkeley Short-channel IGFET Model Common Multi-Gate (BSIM-CMG) model in its new version of Model Builder Program (MBP).

TMI was introduced by TSMC to address the emerging nanometer effects associated with 40nm technology and beyond. It is a C-based modeling API developed to support extensions to standard compact models.

Accelicon has used TMI into the MBP flow efficiently, maintaining the CMC model standards for compatibility and robustness effective across multiple simulators and platforms. In TMI2, users can add customized aging algorithms for all age integration, extrapolation and mapping.

MBP is compliance with the aging model of TMI, MOSRA reliability model and latest version of BSIM-CMG model for increasing requirements for 3D multi-gate transistors design says Accelicon.


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