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Date: 17-04-11

Mentor Graphics achieved a 50% worldwide market share in PCB design software

Mentor Graphics Corporation has announced that, according to the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Consortium Market Statistics Service Report for 2010, the company has achieved a 50% worldwide market share in PCB design software solutions.

"Our continued R&D and strategic investments in advanced systems design technologies, far exceeding that of other suppliers, has resulted in a gradual increase in our revenues and market share," stated Henry Potts, vice president and general manager of Mentor's Systems Design Division. "The electronics industry requires these advanced technologies to support their PCB product development and manufacturing processes and Mentor is the only supplier seriously investing. This positive cycle continues, as the more revenues and market share we obtain, the more we can continue to invest in future design solutions to the benefit of our customers."

"In 2010 we conducted and published a research project entitled Why Printed Circuit Board Design Matters to the Executive," stated Michelle Boucher, research analyst for Aberdeen Group. "This study highlighted several PCB design best practices that enabled electronics companies to achieve best-in-class status by meeting their aggressive business goals. The design capabilities offered by Mentor Graphics support these best practices."

Mentor's market share in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific with 60%, 57% and 50% respectively. In Japan Mentor did not show the largest PCB design market share but did grow their market share by more than 75% from 2009 to 2010. The impressive growth in Japan is due to Mentor's emphasis on this important market with increased dedicated sales and support targeted at major enterprise companies says Mentor.


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